A cabochon is one of the earliest forms of stone cutting. A cabochon is a smoothly rounded cut stone with a domed top and no facets. Modern variants of the cabochon stone cut often blend the traditional non-faceted cabochon style with a faceted cut.

Round Cabochon Stone

The name means “head” or “dome” in French and it is a very old shaping technique. The name is inspired by how the stone is smoothly rounded with a domed top and no facets. It is often used for translucent and opaque stones as well as for many phenomenal stones, who are defined as stones that display some form of optical phenomenon. This stone cut displays stones to their best advantage.


Cushion Cabochon Stone

The cushion cabochon stone cut has a flat base and a domed top. The name refers to how it is shaped like a cushion with softly rounded corners.