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Lacquered Artificial Pearl

Lacquered artificial pearls are just as beautiful as natural pearls and are available in two brilliant colours.


SPECIES/GROUP: lacquered aritificial pearl (also called crystal pearl on other markets)

CLASSIFICATION: Man-made stone


Lacquered artificial pearl is a laboratory-made glass-ceramic with an innovative pearl-like coating. Lacquered artificial pearls are perfect replicas of genuine pearls. They are similar in weight and appearance and adjust to the temperature of the skin. They are resistant to rubbing, scratching, perfume, perspiration and UV light.


Also known as ‘synthetic pearls’ or ‘crystal pearls’ on other markets, its name references the crystalline structure and pearl-like sheen.



Lacquered artificial pearls have a deep, lustrous shimmer, similar to that found on high-quality natural pearls. Their uniform size, shape and colour make them ideal for all types of jewellery. Man-made pearls are available in a wide variety of colours.

Laquered artificial pearl mickey


Lacquered artificial pearls consist of a core of man-made crystal covered with an innovative pearl-like coating. The pearl coating comprises a base coat and a nitrocellulose lacquering. The thickness of the final lacquering is approximately 0.1 mm.


With a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and good toughness, man-made crystal is durable and therefore suitable for use on all types of jewellery.


Surface dust is most easily removed with a clean, dry anti-static cloth. For heavier dirt, wipe with a lint-free cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

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Disclosure guideline

Always inform about: what type of pearl the jewellery includes (e.g. lacquered artificial pearl) and if the pearl is treated/colored (when applicable) Pandora uses: lacquered artificial pearls If the product contains imitation pearls, use the word “artificial,” “imitation,” “simulated,” or a synonym immediately after the word pearl.



Lacquered artificial pearl is a modern innovation and there is no historical tradition associated with the stone. Nevertheless, its close resemblance to the pearl has imbued it with many of the same associations. It is often linked to motherhood and family, representing emotion and harmony and eternal love.

Legal Requirements

The consumer must never be led to believe that he or she has purchased a natural pearl. We therefore clearly communicate that the pearl has been created by adding the word ‘lacquered artificial’ or similar to our product descriptions.

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