Pandora Shine

Pandora Shine is a golden glow and high-shine finish to transform jewellery into beautiful and lasting statements of style by uniting elements of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary trends.

History & Association

Pandora launched the Pandora Rose unique blend of metals in 2016 bringing together tradition and modern innovation. The lustrous precious metal symbolize individuality and personality, romance and understated luxury. The characteristic blush-pink colour offers flattering warmth that matches every skin tone. Two and three-tone designs have become increasingly popular and Pandora carries a beautiful selection of hand-finished jewellery crafted from a combination of Pandora Rose, sterling silver and Pandora Shine, creating a stylish and contemporary way to showcase the versatility and beauty of metal.

Pandora Shine mixes the beauty of Pandora with the elegance of gold.

Perfectly encapsulating Pandora’s feminine elegance, Pandora Shine’s rich, warm golden colour and beautiful shine offer new ways to showcase personal style.

Pandora Shine opens up a new universe of styling possibilities.