Pandora Rose

Pandora Rose is our unique blend of metals with a luminous, warm and romantic pink colour.

Pandora Rose is a unique blend of metals that makes jewellery glow with luminous blush-pink tones. Recalling rare beauty and vintage appeal with its warm and romantic pink colour, the core of Pandora Rose jewellery is made of 17% silver and 83 % copper. Designs are encased in a layer of palladium for durability before being dipped in 14k rose gold plating to prevent copper tarnish. A finishing coating of anti-tarnish is then applied to prevent oxidisation. As with all Pandora jewellery, Pandora Rose products are hand-finished to precise standards and each carries the ALE MET hallmark.

History & Association

Pandora launched the Pandora Rose unique blend of metals in 2016 bringing together tradition and modern innovation. The lustrous precious metal symbolize individuality and personality, romance and understated luxury. The characteristic blush-pink colour offers flattering warmth that matches every skin tone. Two and three-tone designs have become increasingly popular and Pandora carries a beautiful selection of hand-finished jewellery crafted from a combination of Pandora Rose, sterling silver and Pandora Shine, creating a stylish and contemporary way to showcase the versatility and beauty of metal.


Today, pink-coloured metal jewellery has a unique vintage appeal. The stylish colour offers flattering warmth that compliments every skin tone.


Copper is responsible for the rich, pink hue of all reddish metal blends: The more copper added, the more vibrant the colour will be.