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Glass Origin

Glass makers work their magic in front of massive ovens.

Pandora’s glass charms are primarily made from glass imported directly from Murano, an Italian island in the Venetian Lagoon. A few select charms also contain a small amount of German Reichenbach glass. This provides the very best quality for our glass artists to work with when creating designs of outstanding beauty. We also use a selection of other suppliers from around the world.

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Murano Glass

Murano glass receives its fame due to vivid colours, superior clarity and transparency. It is made from a mix of silica and chemical compounds that slow the solidification process. As this mixture is heated to very high temperatures, it liquefies, allowing the master to work the glass. The glass is then cooled down, resulting in the creation of coloured glass rods. The Murano name is protected by trademark; only glass produced on this island may becalled Murano glass.

Reichenbach Glass

Some of our jewellery designs feature a combination of Italian Murano glass and German Reichenbach glass. The small town in Germany is home to a company that specialises in glass innovations: Farbglashütte Reichenbach (Colour Glass Hut of Reichenbach) has been producing a variety of high-quality coloured glass for more than 140 years. Today, it is particularly noted for its range of glass in brilliant saturated colours as well as the crystal clear quality of its transparent glass.

Reichenbach im Vogtland
leftover murano glass

Leftover Murano Glass

Glass is a natural product that can be reclaimed and recycled many times. When a glass artisan creates a piece of jewellery, a small amount of glass is left over from  production. The most recent addition to Pandora’s glass material is the “Beautifully Different” jewellery collection, which uses this surplus Murano glass to create unique  colours and designs. Collected and re-melted into new glass rods with unique patterns  which are then cut into the correct sizes and shapes, the pieces of Murano glass are carefully added to the designs by hand.


Murano is a series of islands about 1.5 km north of Venice, Italy. It has been home to some of the world’s best glassmakers since 1291, when the Venetian Republic ordered the foundries to move their fire-powered factories to the islands and away from the mostly wooded city.

colored murano strings
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The raw glass granules are shaped into vibrant glass rods.

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yellow glass granules