Charms Are Pandora's Foundation

Pandora launched the brand's first charm in 2000, and have distributed more than 630 million charms across the world since. Last year, Pandora's craftsmen produced 65 million charms for the women of the world to be customized and worn.

Charm Symbolism

Each Pandora charm is meant to symbolize and celebrate a meaningful life event. Pandora charms can be worn on bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and are easily worn and removed depending on your mood and style each day.

Our New Charms


Pandora's new Reflexions collection features charms with a new flat design to make them easily wearable and stationary.

Types of Pandora Charms

Pandora is proud to feature an ever-expanding collection of charms, including flip charms, dangle charms, split charms, spacers, flat clip charms, and safety chains, with many more designs to come.

Pandora's Charm Styles

Pandora charms are meant to reflect a woman's ever-evolving style, and are offered in many different styles and themes.


A Love That Spans Generations

Pandora is an international jewellery brand known for quality and craftsmanship, and the diverse collection of charms enables women across the world to find a charm that suits their lifestyle or life story.


Pandora's Blue Button Charm has been the best-selling charm for the past five years.

An Evolution of Charms

Excellent craftsmanship never goes out of style and many of Pandora's original charms remain in the permanent collection. As colors, materials and technique evolve, so does our collection of charms to reflect the modern woman.

In 2000


A Charm for Everyone

Strawberry charms--and several others--are launched with different designs and motifs.

Our First Heart Charm

This heart is one of the most meaningful charms in Pandora's collection.


New Stones Are Featured

Pandora Charms have a new elegant look as vibrant and colorful stones are integrated into the designs.

In 2004

Make Space for Spacers

Pandora offers chic spacer charms to give your beloved customized bracelet room to breathe.


In 2005


Combining Materials

Pandora has sold more than 35 million Murano charms with their singnature gsilver lass around the world.

In 2012

Introducing Openwork

The elaborate openwork charms are hollowed-out designs tp allow negative space and strong structural detail to make a statement.


In 2014


Disney & Pandora

Pandora's first Disney charm debuted with a sweet image of Mickey and Minnie, and is still part of our collection.

In 2016


This Sterling Silver pavé clip charm was introduced in 2016 and is still a popular bracelet clip today.


In 2017


Our Most Popular Dangle Charm

Pandora's Family Tree charm unites family with nature, making it the most popular charm in 2017 and 2018.

In 2018

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

Pandora celebrated Disney's 90th anniversary with a whimsical Mickey Mouse charm.


Playful Charms

Pandora's charm designs range from the deeply meaningful to the playfulness of daily life.

Modern Masterpiece

In 2018, the Dream Catcher charm quickly became a favorite and sold more than 85,000 pieces.


In 2019


Charms Continue to Delight

Pandora's limited edition charms inspire a style that is equally classic and fanciful.

Pandora designers draw inspiration from all corners of the Earth to create a beautifully diverse collection of charms that are modern, sophisticated and classic. Our two best selling charms are the Blue Button Charm, which features a deep blue stone surrounded by cubic zirconia, wrapped in open work hearts, as well as the Dreamcatcher Charm with a set of three feathers, inspired by Native American legend.